Group Fitness

Group Fitness

Gain Confidence, have Fun, and create Results with our Saturday Group Fitness Classes! 

A lot of people don't give group fitness a chance because they are intimidated by working out with a group of people, but I keep our workouts FUN and our class size small (max 10 people) so you are MOTIVATED by your fellow workout buddies!! 


We kick-off a 13-week Saturday Group Fitness Series on January 5th that runs through March 30th! All fitness levels are welcome for our 45-minute total body group class! Class starts at 8:30 AM and we have spots for 10 people in each class.
To save your spot in class, please head over to our Saturday Group Fitness Calendar to register!


If you have any questions regarding group fitness send us an email or call me at (414) 331-6843. I can't wait to sweat with you and help you leave class with confidence! 



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